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Websters Chalk Powder

What is Chalk Paint?  It's the super-matte, extra durable finish that so many are blogging about!  It's for making old furniture come to life, for updating antiques, aging new pieces, crafting and decorating!  You can even make Chalkboards with it!  

For thrifty DIY er's Websters makes Chalk painting Affordable & Fun!

Websters Chalk Powder is a mix of all natural ingredients that is added to your favorite latex paint- Any Brand, Any Color to convert ordinary latex paint into a Designer Quality Chalk Paint!

100% All Natural Ingredients ~ Made in the USA ~ $16.95 quart size bag

Websters Chalk Powder
Websters Chalk Powder
Websters Chalk Powder is an additive to create a "Chalk Paint" out of any latex brand, Any color paint! It's Fast, Easy & so Affordable with a benefit of creating Any Color you want! Stop by today so I can tell you more about it or feel free to call the shop for more information. I'm happy to ship anywhere in the US.

Fiddes & Sons Supreme Wax PolishFiddes & Sons Supreme Wax Polish

Gives a Beautiful protective finish and wonderful Buffed Glow to your painted projects!  Simply apply with a rag or a brush to work into to the details or crevasses.
Wipe on and Buff to a shine!  Easy & Fast!

Available in Clear of Rugger Brown for a rich Antique look.

                                             16 Fl.Oz.  $21.95

   *Visit my shop to purchase
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